New Co-Owner @ Burlington Bytes


Allow me to introduce myself as the newest member and recent co-owner of Burlington Bytes, Jason Di Vece. It’s been a little over six weeks now since leaving the corporate environment to join forces with Pete in the start-up world… and it has been invigorating to say the least. But how did it come to this? The decision to leave the cozy confines of a large Internet marketing agency was not an easy one.

Opportunity was knocking, as they say, and having spent a year teaching English in Korea, the adventurous aspect of co-owning a business was also appealing. Ultimately though, it came down to really believing in what Pete was doing with Burlington Bytes. I had been collaborating with him on a number of previous web design projects, and was able to help the business gain momentum over the course of about a year. It was apparent very early that this combination of affordable website design and proven Internet Marketing skills, had a real chance of taking off. The obvious question soon followed, “What if I could do this full time?” One year later… here I am, and it feels awesome.