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Bytes.co has gone fully remote and we’re starting to lose our minds.  We almost wrote one of those “Bytes.co Covid-19 Response” emails but figured everyone’s pretty numb to them at this point. Instead, we’re going to focus on the positive and give current and potential customers an opportunity to work with us daily to come up with unique solutions to our very unique current problems.

With everyone cooped up at home and banned from social gatherings, it should be obvious that your website is more important than ever. Some businesses need to make significant changes to online/offline business models to survive the short-term.  Other businesses are probably riding this out at home and hoping to improve their website for when things are back in order.  We’ve decided to set up some daily Facebook Live sessions, each with a topic designed to empower you to make low-cost/no-cost improvements that can have a positive short-term and long-term impact on your website and business.

We want to hear from YOU.  Please join us on Facebook Live every day (M-F) at noon with your questions.  Feel free to use the form below to submit questions and potential topics.

March - April 2020

Bites with Bytes

Everyday at 12:00 PM
on Facebook Live

Wednesday 18

Transitioning Your Business to an Online-Only World with Pete and Jay

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Thursday 19

How to drive e-Commerce Sales Without Spending (much) Money with Pete and Scott

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Friday 20

How to Clean up your Website's content, Including Pages you Might not Know are There with Pete and Randy

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Monday 23

Personas and User Story/User Scenarios with Pete and Kristina

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Tuesday 24

Bug Squashing - How to QA Anytime with Pete and Lauren

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Wednesday 25

Creating a Content Calendar with Pete and Sarah

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Thursday 26

Creating a Keyword List - Marketing Funnels with Pete and Randy

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Friday 27

Improve your web accessibility with Pete Jewett and Pete Bruhn

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Monday 30

Google Analytics & Google Search Console - Setups and Basics with Pete and Scott

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Tuesday 31

Google Analytics - Advanced with Pete and Scott

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Wednesday 1

Facebook Posts & Why No One Sees Them with Pete and Seth

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Thursday 2

Google Organic SEO - Advanced with Pete and Scott

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Friday 3

Monday 6

Events with Pete and Lindsey Leichthammer

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Tuesday 7

Wednesday 8

Goat Milk Soap with Contrary’s Whey Farm and Pete

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Thursday 9

Ski Resorts with Bolton Valley and Pete

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Friday 10

Online Reviews with Jake Hughes and Pete

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Interested in a different topic? Submit any idea(s) you would like us to discuss during our daily lunchtime Bites with Bytes below!


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