I had a great lunch meeting with a client at Das Bierhaus in Burlington today and came home and put in a few solid hours of work.  10 minutes ago, at 7 pm, I got an email asking for a bit of help configuring a WordPress installation.  It might just be the fact that I haven’t eaten dinner yet, but I responded that I’d be more than happy to provide an hour or two of basic assistance, in exchange for lunch.

Buy me lunch, and the I’ll help you with the interwebz!

I’ve decided to make this a new Burlington Bytes policy. If you want to buy me lunch, drop me an email with some information about what you’d like to discuss or work on together. I may be crazy to work for food,  but I love food. In addition, this fulfills the main mission of Burlington Bytes by helping Vermont businesses connect with customers online. It also helps me network with other business owners in VT, while patronizing businesses in VT. That’s called a win-win-win-win situation.   I’m sure that more than a couple of the lunches will turn into long-term business relationships.

Dinner’s ready!  Talk to you soon.