Seth has over 15 years experience in digital marketing, specializing in pay per click advertising. He spent 12 years at helping the automotive industry learn the incredible value and performance digital marketing can bring to a business’s bottom line.

In that time, Seth helped pioneer an industry leading and award-winning digital marketing platform, trained and lead a team of dynamic digital marketing strategists and consulted with some of the largest automotive groups and automotive manufacturers including Audi, Volvo, BMW and Mercedes Benz on how to achieve their business goals with the right digital marketing strategies.

Seth grew up in Cape Cod, Massachusetts just a few minutes from the beach but you probably couldn’t tell from his accent since he pronounces his R’s.

Seth doesn’t ski or snowboard which makes the winters here in VT challenging, luckily he’s married to another non-skier so he’s not lonely all winter.

He enjoys watching and playing sports like baseball, football, softball, soccer and especially golf. He also enjoys anything creative, he has a BA in Studio Art from UNH, plays the guitar and loves the band Pearl Jam.

On weekends and days-off you can find him on the golf course or at home doing projects, relaxing and hanging out with his son Taylor.

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