Accessible Web

What we've done

Website accessibility has become the talk of the tech community over this past year. With several major organizations being sued, like Domino’s for not providing accessibility in their ordering system, this issue is finally grabbing the attention of website owners. Accessible Web was created in 2016 when founder, Peter Jewett, witnessed his mother-in-law struggling to view a website he had built. With her eyesight dwindling, Peter noticed she was pretending to read the page. Since the website wasn’t built with the ability to zoom in, the website was inaccessible to her. This interaction left an impression on Peter and Accessible Web was born. Accessible Web believes that the web should be accessible to everyone no matter your abilities and Bytes is fully on board!

In order to stay true to Accessible Web’s mission, we built the website to be WCAG Level AA compatible. In addition, we created a whole new design for the client while remaining on brand and applying higher contrast colors for accessibility purposes. Lastly, we aimed to give the homepage a crisp new look that has clear call to action buttons and navigation.

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Project Highlights

  • Designed and built entire website to conform to WCAG Level AA specifications
  • Modernized and refreshed the design 
  • Built a more engaging homepage that directs users to content and calls to action more quickly


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