What we've done

AdkAction was established in 2007 when a group of Adirondack residents held meetings in their living rooms to discuss environmental and community challenges. Rather than just talk, the residents decided to take action, thus, AdkAction was born. It’s businesses such as these that drive us to do what we do. Building new websites to help drive donations for such a wonderful cause… you can’t beat that.

With every new website build comes one of three major challenges: Content, Functionality, or Design. In addition to a challenge comes a website goal. AdkAction’s new website build was a classic example of a content challenge with the goal of encouraging more donations. In order to overcome this content challenge and reach their goal, we focused on ways to better cross-link content, making it easier to navigate throughout the website and incorporating clear calls to action like the “Donate” button in the main menu. We also aimed to give website visitors a clear understanding of AdkAction’s story and mission. Another job well done!

mountains and sunset

Project Highlights

  • Refresh and modernize the design to reflect a more attractive and engaging website
  • Clearly communicate ADK’s goals and mission to visitors
  • Improve and simplify website layout for simple navigation
  • Generate clear calls to action and cross-linked blogs and projects throughout the website


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