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The Vermont City Marathon & Relay Race Takes Place This Sunday: Let Our Nutritional Infographic Help You Prepare!

This Sunday, May 24th, marks the 26th annual Vermont City Marathon. The marathon, which takes place in Burlington, is the largest sporting event in Vermont, with over 8,000 runners competing in the marathon & relay events. We thought we’d take this opportunity to say good luck to all the runners and we hope you have a great marathon experience.

Have you been training hard for the upcoming race? Have you been eating, sleeping and exercising regularly to make sure your in tip-top condition for when the big day arrives? Good nutrition and eating well are vital aspects to a healthy runner. Knowing which foods and drinks your body needs to stay fit can prepare you for that 26.2 miles you’re about to run.

Our in-house graphic designer thought a great way to educate runners on good nutrition, would be to make an infographic on “What To Eat The Week Before A Marathon”. We partnered with Whole Food Nutrition which is a group of Vermont based registered dietitians who have a passion for the power of the human body and love food. They provided us with the nutritional information used in the infographic we created below. Check it out…

new graphic

We want to let you to know that we’ve added a new service to our offerings and that service is INFOGRAPHICS! Infographics can be an educational, informative and useful tool for your business. Displaying a “graphic visual” with precise data, information or knowledge is a great way get the attention of your reader. In fact, studies show that 83 percent of the information we remember is based on visual impact. Still not sure why infographics could work for your business? Here are a few benefits to why they may be good for your digital marketing campaign:

1. Infographics are eye-catching. They are easier to understand than text. Good images, colors and content can make an impact on your reader.

2. Most people “scan” articles when they read them, often scanning the story for the most important material in a quick manner. It’s important to remember that the information that we’ve seen tends to stick in our heads longer then that of reading the information.

3. Infographics work well if you’re looking to share the content on the web. Some infographics that are published on a WordPress site or blog, typically have an embedded code to them. This code can help you automatically link from the original site to yours. They are also very shareable on social networks as well. If you have a well designed infographic, more people are likely to “share” “click” or “like” the post. This can also contribute to Google’s “page rank” algorithm, which can boost your SEO results.

4. Infographics can help you establish “Brand Awareness” for your business. Designing your infographic with consistent colors, logos, shapes and messages can help your customers remember your brand and what it represents.

5. Lastly, infographics are a unique and fun medium that can help you connect with your customers.

Infographics are becoming increasingly popular and are proving to be effective. The infographics that we can professionally design for you will be visually appealing, sleek and modern. We want to help you create an infographic that can take deep data and turn that information into a visual shorthand. Let us help you tell your story through a visual representation!

If you have any question regarding infographics, please give us a call at (802) 448-4001 and speak with a member of our team today!

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