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Join the Future of B2B Advertising with Our LinkedIn Ads Management

LinkedIn has quickly become the most popular professional social media platform, boasting more than 750 million members worldwide. However, this platform’s talents go far beyond its ability to connect people with new jobs and business contacts.

With LinkedIn’s superb targeting capabilities, your business can now advertise directly to decision makers in any company, industry, and country in the world— which is why we offer our LinkedIn Ads management services to businesses well beyond our local Burlington, Vermont.

Similar to Facebook Ads, LinkedIn advertising is about finding audiences that work for your business. You have the power to target by job title, industry, company, location, interests, and demographics to generate qualified leads, brand awareness, or more traffic to your website.

With that being said, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with such a high level of detail available. Thankfully,’s digital marketing experts have tried and true strategies to hone in on the most qualified audiences for your business, and the accompanying insight on how to get them to convert. As Vermont’s premier LinkedIn Ads agency, we can help you generate quality B2B leads for your business.

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Our Approach to LinkedIn Marketing

The key to proper LinkedIn Ads management is testing and finding the right engaged audiences for your business.

From there, we refine these audiences over time to include individuals who are most relevant to your business’s goals, and exclude those who are not. We can then dive into remarketing and other audience expansion strategies to broaden your targeting while still successfully generating qualified leads and conversions.

What’s Included In Our LinkedIn Ads Management

Audience Research & Selection

Targeting the right audience is crucial to success with LinkedIn advertising. The key is to find those most willing to convert within each audience. We implement a specific system to facilitate this process as fast as possible.

Lead Form Creation

Generating professional and qualified leads is one of LinkedIn’s strengths. Our digital marketing specialists are well versed in creating auto-populating lead forms in LinkedIn to ease the information capture process.

Comprehensive Retargeting Strategy

If you aren’t implementing a strategic retargeting strategy for your “warm” and “hot” traffic, you are leaving lots of money on the table.

Demographic Analysis & Reporting

Once your campaign is up and running, we’ll have access to detailed demographic reporting regarding who has seen your ads. We can filter results by company, industry, location, job title, job function, or company size to gain valuable marketing insights for your business.

Creative Testing

Depending on your budget and size of your audience, creative fatigue can set in in a matter of a few days. It’s imperative to always have new, proven creative ready to go with any successful LinkedIn campaign.

Custom & Look-A-Like Audience Targeting

As we’ve said, LinkedIn success is all about targeting the right audience. There is no better audience than those who have already expressed interest in your business and there’s no better way to expand on that audience than by using a Look-a-Like audience. 

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