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Unlock A Nearly Endless Supply Of New Customers With Our Facebook Ads Management

Over 1/3rd of the human population on earth uses Facebook, Instagram, and other social media apps under Facebook’s umbrella each month. Given this worldwide targeting ability, we offer our Facebook Ads management services to businesses far beyond our local Burlington, Vermont. However, if you’ve ever tried Facebook Ads yourself, then you probably also know how complex, overwhelming, and easy it is to lose money. 

While paid search marketing is focused on relevant keyword targeting, Facebook Ads are about finding the audiences that are most likely to turn into a customer. If you think about how many interests and demographics there are to target across billions of users, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, unsure where to even start.

Luckily,’s digital marketing experts have developed a proven system of audience and creative testing that takes the guesswork out of finding “buyers”. With the depth of our Facebook Ads and audience targeting knowledge, it’s no wonder that we’re Vermont’s top Facebook Ads agency.

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Our Approach to Facebook Marketing

Facebook is all about testing. Through extensive audience testing and creative testing, we “teach” Facebook’s algorithm how and where to find your customers. 

From there, the ultimate goal is to feed Facebook a “buyers” list that we can target directly for remarketing AND go out and find other users on Facebook that share the same interests and demographics as those buyers. Hint: If you’ve already got a buyers list, you’re way ahead of the game.

What’s Included In Our Facebook Ads Management

Audience Research & Selection

Targeting the right audience is paramount to success with Facebook ads. The key is to find the “buyers” within each audience. We implement a specific system to facilitate this process as fast as possible.

Comprehensive Pixel Integration

Most people think a tracking pixel is just that, a tracking pixel. However, Facebook’s algorithm is directly tied to the information the Facebook pixel collects. Without proper implementation of the Facebook pixel, Facebook will not know where to find your buyers.

Comprehensive Retargeting Strategy

If you aren’t implementing a strategic retargeting strategy for your “warm” and “hot” traffic, you are leaving lots of money on the table.

Best Practice Pocketing Theory

If you’ve ever run Facebook ads in the past with good success at first, only to have that success fade into oblivion after a few days, it’s likely because the audience “pocket” Facebook dropped your ads in went cold. We have specific strategies to always remain on a hot audience pocket.

Creative Testing

Depending on your budget and size of your audience, creative fatigue can set in in a matter of a few days. It’s imperative to always have new, proven creative ready to go with any successful Facebook campaign.

Custom & Look-A-Like Audience Targeting

As we’ve said, Facebook success is all about targeting the right audience. There is no better audience than a custom audience of buyers uploaded by you and there’s no better way to expand on that audience than using a Look-a-Like audience. 

Ecommerce Scaling

If you run an ecommerce business, Facebook ads can be an extremely effective source of revenue if you can scale up your campaigns without losing performance. This takes specific strategies and requires constant monitoring and optimization. We have a proven system for ecommerce scaling that has produced as much as 23x ROAS. 

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