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Facebook Ads & Advertising Management Based in Vermont Serving New England

 If you’re familiar with the term ‘narrowcasting’ then you’ll be intrigued by Facebook’s available ad targeting options. With Facebook Advertising, you can advertise to get more page likes or drive traffic to your website and target users based on their individual profile ‘likes’ and ‘interests’ ranging from liked sports teams and activities to favorite movies &  TV shows, all the while selecting a target age range, sex and location.

At, our Facebook Advertising Management service includes ongoing management of Page Like Ads, Page Post Ads and Facebook Marketplace Ads to promote your Facebook Page while driving highly targeted traffic towards your website. Our service features Facebook Ad Campaign Planning & Development, Asset Creation & Development as well as ongoing management of bids and targeting.

Burlington Bytes did what we were unable to do before — significantly grow our email subscribers so we can expand our blog’s reach. They educated us on how best to use a new advertising tool. Throughout the process, they were strategic, responsive, and helpful. The results speak for themselves. We will continue to partner with on our Facebook advertising after this success.

Alexandra Tursi
Social Media Strategist, The UVM Medical Center
Facebook Ads Management Includes:
  • Facebook Advertising Campaign Planning
  • Asset Creation & Development
  • Ongoing Management & Optimization of Bids, Placements & Targeting
  • Regular Reporting, Analysis & Correspondence


Services Available

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Facebook Ads Starter

Great For:

  • Using your Facebook audience to drive real-world results
  • Getting started with targeting new customers based on demographics
  • Integrating your website and Facebook presence
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Facebook Ads

Great For:

  • Using the Facebook tracking pixel to tie together your website and Facebook Page
  • Driving sales to your website with dynamic remarketing
  • Experimenting with Look-Alike Audiences to expand your reach
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Facebook Ads eCommerce

Great For:

  • Retail stores that want to push relevant products to customers on Facebook
  • Online stores that want to find new customers based on demographics
  • Companies that want to use a variety of platforms to stay front-of-mind throughout purchase process
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Facebook Ads Premium

Great For:

  • Companies that are experienced with Facebook advertising that want to improve results
  • Companies with marketing teams that want to outsource a portion of advertising workload
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Facebook Ads Enterprise

Great For:

  • Using our development and advertising team to combine data sources in unique ways to create new marketing opportunities
  • Companies working to create advertising platforms or unique platforms
  • Large companies working to effectively manage large online advertising budgets nationally

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