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Burlington Bytes: Wilderness Edition

team camp trip

As a website design and internet advertising firm, it’s pretty safe to say that we’re comfortable with technology. We love things like coding websites, fixing broken links, and optimizing Google AdWords campaigns–– all of which is done in the safety of the indoors. So when we traded in our office for a tent, and our computers for the great outdoors, things got interesting.

Annual Company Photo
Photo by Andy Bloxham Photography

Friday, 1:30 pm – Let the Games Begin

Once we’d closed up the office for the day, we descended upon our campsites with enthusiasm and set to the task of putting up our tents. Unfortunately, our enthusiasm proved to be short-lived as we struggled with broken tent rods and tiny hard-to-read instructions.

Friday, 2:30 pm – Cataloging of Supplies

Getting everything we needed to survive a weekend in the woods was no easy feat, so everyone needed to pitch in and bring whatever camping supplies they had. We may have forgotten a few things, but we had most of the essentials covered–– a machete, a couple hammocks, and beer.

In hammocks
All you need to go camping is a hammock, right?

Friday, 5:30 pm – Chow Time

For our first meal in the wilderness, we decided to keep it simple. It was burgers and hot dogs over the campfire for the main course, and of course, s’mores for dessert. Then it came time to sit around the campfire and tell scary stories–– mostly about websites crashing.

8:30 am – A Slow Start

As the sunlight began to stream in through the skylights in our tents, and the birds chirped, another sound could be heard–– the collective groaning of people who had spent an entire night trying to sleep on the ground. Needless to say, we weren’t exactly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

11:30 am – Smile!

The time had come for us to do what we came to do–– attempt to take a decent picture of the whole company. Luckily we’re a pretty good-looking group, so getting a good photo was one of the easier things that we did that weekend.

We may not have ended the weekend having become burly mountain men and women that could survive in the woods for weeks on end with nothing but a hatchet, but we did survive a weekend without our computers, and we got some great photos out of it, so I would call that a win.

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