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See More Posts In: News & Events Company Photos – Then and Now

Every year we do a company photo with a different theme. We usually try to set a fun and outlandish tone, but 2020 required us to switch things up a bit. With this year’s photo, we wanted to capture a snapshot of our abrupt transition to working remote, and show that we’re still having fun […]

See More Posts In: News & Events is Now An Approved Vendor for the Restart Vermont Technology Assistance Program is now an approved Vendor the the Restart Vermont Technical Assistance Program (ReVTA). This initiative gives us the opportunity to help small businesses recover from the financial fallout of the pandemic by improving and updating their websites, the most integral part of a business these days. We’re excited to help our fellow Vermont businesses […]

See More Posts In: News & Events Launch Crystal Livestream

We’ve decided to take the unprecedented step of sharing our Launch Crystal with you.  All that we ask is that you’re careful with the power you’ll suddenly find yourself wielding and that you use this power to do good in the world.  Enjoy, be careful, don’t let it go to your head.

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20,000 Support Tickets (And Counting)

In just half the time, our team has done it again. If you’ve been a long term client of, the title of this blog post might look familiar. Back in May 2018, our support team reached the major milestone of solving our 10,000th support ticket. After using Zendesk for 4 years at that time, […]

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Google Now Offering Free Listings on Google Shopping

The coronavirus pandemic has unveiled a series of issues and roadblocks in our society like nothing before. With thousands of businesses, like restaurants, retail stores, and bars temporarily closing, many are wondering how they are going to survive. While government programs like the PPP and stimulus checks have provided some relief, it has still left […]

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April Coronavirus Update

What a crazy couple of months with more craziness undoubtedly in store. I’m finally feeling like I’ve got a moment to breathe now that everyone’s finding their footing on this shaky ground. Many of you have been checking in on me, and Accessible Web. I figure I owe you all an update.  When the […]

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5 Useful Tips to Adjust to Working Remote

With practically no warning, here we are in an almost fully remote world. This past month our patience have been tested in more ways than one. From the vulnerability of our health and well-being to the uncertainty of our job and business security, it’s been a very trying time. Top this off with the hardships […]

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Tune In on Facebook Live: Bites with Bytes has gone fully remote and we’re starting to lose our minds.  We almost wrote one of those “ Covid-19 Response” emails but figured everyone’s pretty numb to them at this point. Instead, we’re going to focus on the positive and give current and potential customers an opportunity to work with us daily to come […]