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Google Introduces New Ad Data Platform To Help Connect Better With Its Audience

Google recently announced it will be adding something new to its advertising sector. They are currently testing a new advertising product, as they approach the final stages needed to complete its “ad tech superstructure,” stated AdWeek. The purpose of this ad structure advancement, is aimed to “help target ads and connect brands with people online more effectively,” according to sources familiar to this plan.

DoubleClick Audience Center is the name of the new platform, which is sourced from the brand name of Google’s ad products for both digital marketers and publishers. “What they are trying to offer the community is a one-stop shop ad stack all in Google,” said one digital marketing executive.” The platform has many different uses and values. Advertisers have a demand-side platform to purchase digital ads, while publishers have an ad exchange to sell ads, all the while, measuring performance and allowing it to be in a powerful position in search and mobile.

Due to this data management platform, this service is not in full effect yet. The Audience Center will be available to “advertisers using DoubleClick ad exchange and third-party ad networks, allowing them to input more data – either their own, such as data from a supermarket’s loyalty scheme, or from a third party provider – about the audiences they are looking to target with their online ads before they make,” said Business Insider. Google confirmed that the platform is working, but has declined to give out more details on the matter.

Google’s biggest rival at the moment is Facebook, which offers a people-based ad platform that reaches its 1.4 billion users. They are also able to use tools for branding, that help them target a specific audience, including other tech ad offerings as well. Other people in the industry, have been trying to keep up with Facebook’s pace, while trying to line up data to the correct users and which devices they are using. Google’s challenge lies in how to connect a person’s web identity from different devices. However, “Google has two dominant properties that a data management platform could integrate-billions of users of its search engine and more than 1 billion Android users,” said AdWeek.

Google is receiving mixed reviews about their new data platform and how it’s effecting its rivals. What are your thoughts on the matter? We’d love to hear what you think!

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