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ADA Compliant Websites

Web accessibility and ADA compliant websites are essential in creating an inclusive online experience, as meeting these criteria allows all users to access and explore your website, regardless of ability.

Our Web Accessibility Services

Universal access to information online is important to the Bytes.co team. This is why we include baseline web accessibility best practices in all our builds as a foundation for creating a barrier-free website experience. For sites that want to meet a specific WCAG level of compliance, we have a couple of options available, depending on your needs.

Laptop open and showing the homepage of the Clara Martin Center website, a mental health care provider in Vermont.

Accessible Website Design & Development

Building a new website is the perfect opportunity to incorporate web accessibility best practices and ensure your website meets WCAG 2.1 success criteria. We offer WCAG 2.1 compliance through automated scans as well as manual audits of templates—which option you choose all depends on budget and needs.

Two Bytes.co developers work together to review a website for accessibility conformance

Website Accessibility Audits & Remediations

Have you recently redesigned your website, but it’s not accessible? No problem! Bytes.co will perform an audit and remediate your website to ensure it meets WCAG 2.1 Level A, AA, or AAA success criteria. We even partner with fellow Burlington, Vermont-based specialty agency Accessible Web who focuses exclusively on WCAG audits and web accessibility testing.

Close up of a developer's hands using a keyboard and mouse as he works on making a website accessible.

Ongoing Accessibility Monitoring & Maintenance

There’s no such thing as “all done” when it comes to web accessibility. Every time you make an edit or update to your website, it could fall out of compliance. In partnership with Accessible Web’s auditing tools and expertise, alongside our technical remediation capabilities, we can assure that your website maintains accessibility as it changes and scales over time.

From Our Portfolio

Features of Our Accessible Websites

  • Responsive & Mobile Friendly Design
  • Hand-Selected Fonts & Colors to Meet WCAG Success Criteria
  • Easy to Use Admin + Training
  • Meets WCAG Level AA Success Criteria through Automated Scans and/or Manual Audits
  • Training on Making Website Content Accessible
  • Accessibility Statement Added to Site
  • Email Newsletter Subscribe Call to Action
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Trackable Contact Forms
  • Events Calendar (optional)
  • Blogging Platform

What Our Clients Say

Allison Perri Newman

I can’t say enough about how easy – yes, EASY – our web redesign process was. Bytes kept the project moving along, being cognizant of time and budget, every step of the way. They were very helpful in getting our team up-to-speed on accessibility requirements, and did it all with a positive attitude. As a one-person marketing team, this project could’ve felt very overwhelming and scary. Instead, Bytes was able to quickly understand our needs and our organization, knowledgeable in what designs would make the most sense, and extremely organized in the management of the project. I’ve done a happy dance every time I’ve looked at the site since launch, and have gotten wonderful feedback from our team. I would work with Bytes on a million more web projects, if I could! I am absolutely certain that the work they have done means that exponentially more people are going to be able to reach Samaritans’ and access our lifesaving services. What more can you ask for?
View Case Study Allison Perri Newman

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Still have questions?

Contact Us.

There is no one answer for what budget you need for a new ADA compliant website. Pricing varies depending on the size of your current website, as well as what kind of functionality you’d like your new website to have. That being said, our web accessibility services are flexible to accommodate budgets of varying sizes.

Unless your company or organization has a legal requirement to meet WCAG success criteria, you don’t need to have an accessible website. All of our sites come with baseline accessibility best practices, and we believe having a fully accessible website provides the best possible user experience. Many of the requirements for accessibility go hand-in-hand with search engine optimization, meaning an accessible website can perform better in search and could better convert in the long run.

If you buy a new car, you still have to bring it in for regular maintenance so it continues to run smoothly. A website is no different. We will provide you with training and resources so that when you make updates to your site, you can do so in an accessible way. We also provide ongoing, monthly website accessibility remediations so if you don’t have the team or the resources to manage this on your end, we’ve got you covered.

Our team specializes in building custom ADA-compliant websites that meet the specific needs of our clients. We understand that every business is different, and we take the time to learn about your company before we begin the website design process. This way, our web accessibility designers can ensure that your website reflects your brand and accurately depicts your products and services, allowing you to stand out from the competition.

No! Although we are based in Burlington, Vermont, we offer our web accessibility services to businesses everywhere. No matter where your business is based, we always work hard to ensure that all of our clients receive the same personalized experience that a local business would provide.

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