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We Love Burlington: Vote Now To Make Burlington, Vermont The Most Sustainable U.S. City!

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Did you hear the big news? We Love Cities has nominated Burlington, Vermont as a finalist to become the most sustainable city in the United States!

We Love Cities “is a social media campaign that allows people to across the world to express support for sustainable urban development by voting on selected Earth Hour City Challenge cities and posting improvement suggestions for these cities.”  It is the main public facing element of the Earth Hour City Challenge initiative and aims to:

  • Inspire and raise awareness for the sustainability progress being made in cities
  • Give the general public an opportunity to celebrate, vote and upgrade their city through making suggestions to decision makers
  • Reward communities and strengthen the bond between the public and decision makers

So, are you ready to vote for Burlington, and make our lovable city more sustainable? Luckily, it’s super easy to vote and only requires three simple steps.

  1. Vote for Burlington online at: WeLoveCities.org/Burlington
  2. Share ideas online about how to make our city even better
  3. Use the Hashtag #WeLoveBurlington on Instagram & Twitter

The winning city will be announced June 22nd, so there’s still plenty of time to vote! And as an added bonus, every idea you submit on how to make our city better will also count as a vote for Burlington. “With over 3.5 billion people living in cities across the globe, cities have a big climate footprint. But they’ve got an even bigger opportunity to create better places to live and a healthier planet in the process. Through better transport, green buildings, harnessing the power of nature, wasting less and loving more, cities can lead the way to a climate-friendly future.”

So what are you waiting for? Together, let’s make our beloved BTV the U.S. Earth Hour City Capital!

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