Digital Marketing Specialist is looking for a full-time Digital Marketing Specialist to help our clients crush their business goals with strategic SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook advertising campaigns.

Note: Being “good at social media” isn’t going to cut it here.


If You Land This Gig, A Typical Day Could Include:
  • Conducting a new client kick-off call to understand their business, answer their questions, identify their goals, and know who they compete against.
  • Developing a strategic campaign strategy based on your client’s goals, market, and budget that will crush their goals and make them a raving fan of you and
  • Installing a GTM container with Google Analytics and a Facebook tracking pixel on the backend of a website.
  • Troubleshooting a client’s tracking event not firing. Everything looks good, but something is
  • Sleuthing out the very best keywords to bid on for a niche business with low search volume but highly targeted searches or vice versa.
  • Building out Google Ads campaigns manually using nothing but the Google Ads UI or Google Ads Editor following Google’s best practices around keywords, match types, bidding, ad copy, landing pages, and account structure.
  • Optimizing a Facebook ads campaign that was killing it for weeks but suddenly stopped performing with no clear reason why.
  • Digging into your client’s competition with SEM Rush to understand why they are ranking better than your client on Google so you can develop an effective SEO game plan to optimize your client’s site so they can eat their competitor’s rankings for lunch.
  • Preparing your client’s monthly performance reports in Google Data Studio so you can summarize the key takeaway’s they need to be aware of in “layman’s terms” so they can understand what’s going on with their digital marketing performance.
  • Leading monthly performance review calls with your clients, reviewing their reports and key takeaways with them.
  • Competitive pay – but your definition of competitive is subject to our opinion.
  • Year-end bonus – when we crush our goals, we share the wealth.
  • Health benefits – yes, dental and vision too.
  • Company-matched 401k – we’ll match your contributions up to a certain point.
  • 15 days of PTO each year – use them however you like.
  • Year-end company time off – this means you get the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day offAnd yes, this is in addition to your 15 days PTO.
  • Killer holiday parties and even seafood towers if that’s your thing note: these may be postponed during worldwide pandemics.
  • Flexible schedule – just get your work done and be mostly available during normal working hours, eastern time.
  • Remote work – maybe someday we’ll all go back to our offices in Burlington, VT, but you won’t be required to join us… unless you really want to.
  • Pretty cool colleagues and a company culture where we are driven to creating success for our clients while not taking ourselves too seriously.
  • You have a passion for digital marketing. You go home at night and spend your free time reading up on the latest strategies from your favorite industry blogs about SEO, Google Ads, and Facebook advertising.
  • You love a good challenge.  You like the idea of not working on the same project or industry every day.
  • You love numbers and problem-solving. You love taking on a difficult challenge, diving into the data, and finding creative solutions to test that may be the difference-maker.
  • You think strategically. You see the big picture. You can look at any business’s market and quickly identify what steps you need to take on behalf of that business to achieve its goals.
  • You aren’t afraid of the technical stuff. Buzz words like “tags,” “UTM codes,” and “pixels” aren’t new to you, and you aren’t afraid of looking at a little HTML code every once in a while.
  • You don’t get flustered easily. If you are stuck or don’t know how to solve a problem, you dig until you figure it out.
  • You think on your feet. You like learning new things, and you learn them quickly. When things change, you know how to roll with the punches.
  • You are obsessively detail-oriented. You believe anything worth doing is worth doing right, every time.
  • You take accountability. You understand mistakes happen, and the most important thing to do is own up to them, learn from them, and try to make them right.
  • You communicate clearly. You can explain just about anything to anyone, and you’re comfortable communicating in writing and on the phone.
  • You like helping people. You love getting people to those “aha” moments. You are patient, level-headed, and cool under pressure. Teaching something new to someone makes you feel elated and even euphoric.

To land this gig, you need to have some real-world digital marketing experience under your belt. You don’t need to have “guru” status on all things SEO, SEM, and Social, but you need to demonstrate you are capable of executing the specialized tasks this job requires. Internships, volunteer work, and side projects count. Just make sure we can see where you picked up your digital marketing talents somewhere in your cover letter and resume.

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