Alister Marble

Support Engineer II

Alister joined as a Support Engineer in early 2022, working previously as a support specialist with Union Street Media. Alister attended Champlain College 2013-2016, and has lived and worked in Burlington, Vermont since. offers the small-team, locally-driven culture that makes Burlington such a great place to live & work. Lakeside life in the summer & easy access to some of the best East coast skiing in the winter have kept me right in the heart of Burlington, and family Odin (cat), Mousse (pup) & Olivia (human) have made the city feel like home – even in February.

Fun Facts About Alister

All emojis have a perfect situation, but:


Raisins should not be put in a cookie, nor should they be put anywhere else. Grapes are already a problem as is, and giving up on them halfway to becoming wine is deplorable

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