Dorian Reinhardt

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Dorian has been a member of the Bytes Digital Marketing Team since October 2019. She attended Bard College at Simon’s Rock in the Berkshires, but later escaped after suspecting it might be a cult. After traveling around the country, she eventually landed in Vermont in the summer of 2010. In the following years, she started a career in property management software, which eventually brought her down to Austin, Texas. There she worked for two of the largest property management software companies in the United States, both as a technical account manager and then as supervisor of product support. After several years in Texas, Dorian decided to make a career change and brought her technical and client relationship experience back to Burlington. 

In her time at Bytes, Dorian developed specialties in Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Spotify Ads, and Google Optimize A/B Testing. She absolutely loves her clients and is always thinking up new service lines to help boost their performance. 

When not at work, Dorian enjoys playing games on her PS5, decorating her house with awesome LEDs, listening to Taylor Swift, and complaining about the lack of TexMex in Vermont. She is happily married to her wife Emily, who is also the fabulous billing manager at Bytes. 

Dorian decided she missed sunshine and tacos, so she now spends her time between Austin and Vermont. 

Fun Facts About Dorian

  • For the Witcher Netflix show to be purged from existence (she is a massive fan of the books and videogames and the show upsets her)
  • That she could teleport from Austin to Vermont at will and not have to drive 2,000 miles.
  • That she could have a small white Bengal tiger for a pet that would travel well in the Volkswagen and also not eat her.

A substance that ruins my hair when it falls from the sky, and also not appropriate for swimming in unless it is 100 degrees outside.

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