Senior Digital Marketing Specialist
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Randy, a Vermont native, began his digital marketing career in 2002 and never looked back. With nearly 2 decades experience developing and executing SEO, paid search and social media marketing campaigns, he brings to Bytes the expertise and goal oriented strategic thinking our clients have come to expect from our team. From managing small SEO projects for local, Vermont nonprofits and businesses to helping scale paid search campaigns for home service companies across the country, there’s little that hasn’t crossed his desk and he thoroughly enjoys the challenges and rewards of each.

Aside from marketing digitally, if Randy’s not strolling the aisles of his local Costco he can likely be found extolling the virtues of the members only warehouse retailer to anyone who will listen. You might also catch him rifling through the clearance racks at a clothing outlet or through dented cans on the shelves of the type of weird warehouse that makes you ask “I wonder what’s in there?” (Now you know)

Despite being born and raised in the Green Mountain State, Randy suffers from acute winterphobia and as such, tries to take advantage of hot summer days as much as possible, floating or kayaking in Lake Champlain and other local swimming holes, sprinkling bug predator ladybugs in his garden, or tearing down a dirt road blaring everything from Led Zeppelin to 90s gangster rap, in search of the next maple creemee.

Like a squirrel storing up food for the winter – or an early 20th century geriatric – Randy spends the fall season canning garden vegetables and applesauce. Then it’s 6 long months of binge watching streaming television before starting all over again on the next summer solstice.

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