Website Security & Hacking Protection

No one ever knows the true identity of a hacker, but you better believe there are nefarious characters on the web trying to hack your website. If you’re visiting this web page it may have even happened already.

Don’t panic, we can help. Hopefully you have a clean backup that we can restore, but even if you don’t, there’s a variety of ways for us to quickly restore your website and clean up the damage. We can also help you configure, secure, and maintain your website so it won’t get hacked in the future. We’re not going call ourselves hackers, but we’re confident enough to say our team understands web security and how hackers gain access to websites and web servers – allowing them to be a force for good. Based in Burlington, Vermont, we proudly offer our website security and hacking protection services to both local businesses and organizations everywhere.

Has your website been hacked? Look for the following:
  • Your homepage has a headline that reads "UR website has been PWNED by 3L1TE H4CK24"
  • Notices from Google Search Console or in search results
  • Notifications from your web host that you're using excessive resources
  • Strange text showing up in the header or footer of your website.

The “this site may be hacked” flag on a Google search for our website is gone, thanks to the hard work by Bytes to repair the site.

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