Merrill L. Thomas

What we've done

Merrill L. Thomas, Inc. is a real estate agency based in Lake Placid, New York. Specializing in residential and waterfront properties, Merrill L. Thomas has served Lake Placid and the larger Adirondack community for decades. In the past ten years, Merrill L. Thomas has consistently broken sales records, making them one of the leading real estate agencies in the region.

Merrill L. Thomas wanted to upgrade their existing Drupal website to a fully custom WordPress website. This new website would ideally have a modern design that reflected the Merrill L. Thomas brand, target WCAG Level AA Success Criteria, and be easier for users to navigate than the old website. Users would be able to filter properties by different parameters, view listings in an organized fashion, as well as leave the website with an understanding of why Merrill L. Thomas is the best option for all of their real estate needs.

We brought the Merrill L. Thomas team’s vision to life with a custom-designed, boutique WordPress website that not only looks clean and modern but also integrates with several third-party platforms and services. Customers have an improved user experience all around, with the ability to use advanced search filters to find properties as well as the opportunity to sign up to receive automated emails alerting them when a property status changes. Through a custom integration between WordPress and Navica, properties are now imported automatically to the website when added to the client’s MLS system.

On the administrative side, we ensured the website backend would be easy to customize and edit, and that leads would be sent directly to the Merrill L. Thomas CRM upon form submission. Stunning from both a design and functionality standpoint, this website is some of our finest work yet.

Old Merrill L. Thomas Homepage on ComputerNew Merrill L. Thomas Homepage on Computer
Lake Flower, Kiwassa, & Oseetah Lakes Header Image on the Merrill L. Thomas Website

Technologies Used

  • WordPress 5
  • Navica MLS Integration
  • Emma Email Marketing Integration
  • Total Brokerage Web-to-Lead Routing
  • Advanced Search & Filters
  • WP Review Slider Plugin
  • WP Google Maps Plugin
  • Gravity Forms Plugin
  • Javascript
  • PHP 7
  • HTML5
  • CSS3


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