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Growing in the Garage

old office

Jason had been helping me here and there with overflow work for about a year before joining Burlington Bytes full time in early June. Since then, we’ve spent our summer working out of a detached garage in the back of his property. The previous owner ran a business rebuilding race car engines out of the garage, so we’ve been putting in a lot of elbow grease to get it fixed up.

Today our table/bar arrived from Vermont Farm Table and it occurred to me just how far we’ve come in the past couple months. We’ve pressure washed the grease out of the floors, painted all the walls and ceiling, removed some old work counters and replaced them with whiteboards, replaced the fluorescent shop lighting, and much more. This weekend we’re painting and sealing the floor and getting some rugs, as well as installing an additional window. We’re waiting on a living room set that should arrive next week, and are having an insulated garage door with windows installed. From there, we’ve just got to get the propane tank filled, and we should be ready for winter. I’m not sure how we’re going to keep two dogs amused once we have to keep the doors closed…


“A lot of great businesses started out in garages.”
-Says Everyone

Its been interesting working out of a garage all summer, especially meeting clients here. We constantly hear variations of the same comment when people stop by: “A lot of great businesses started in garages.” At first it was a little embarrassing, but now that its looking more like a startup’s office, I’m really starting to embrace the paradigm that we apparently embody to our clients. Its nice to think that people are appreciating the technology and marketing skills that we’re bringing to our clients, and think we have the potential to be the next big thing. I started this little business in a spare bedroom in my home, now we’re putting together a team and adding space in the garage, and hopefully next summer we’ll be looking into moving into a nice commercial space. Anyway… time to stop rambling and get back to work. Thanks for reading! – Pete

Its really rewarding to grow our business by growing our clients’ businesses.

Stop by the garage and say Hi!

Peter Jewett

Peter Jewett

Peter handles the majority of Bytes.co sales and business development and many of the day-to-day activities required to keep a business moving forward. He lives in Huntington with his wife, Katie, and two kids, Parker and Calla. He’s also got a dog and chickens and a Kubota tractor.

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