Peter Jewett

Peter Jewett

April Coronavirus Update team remote photos

What a crazy couple of months with more craziness undoubtedly in store. I’m finally feeling like I’ve got a moment to breathe now that everyone’s finding their footing on this shaky ground. Many of you have been checking in on…

Sticker Promotion: Enter to Win $250!

burlington bytes stickers

The World’s Crappiest Social Media Promotion Ever Burlington Bytes is crowdsourcing our latest promotion and challenging our fans, friends of fans, and friends of friends of fans to stick the Burlington Bytes logo sticker in the most creative places possible. If you…

Goodbye 2016 – Hello 2017!

happy new year 2017

A year in review: If you’re one given to reading news, 2016 is a year better forgotten. We lost countless celebrities to the grim reaper’s general ageism, Ryan Lochte made it difficult for ALL of us to visit South America,…

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