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Smart Posting: The Best & Worst Times to Post On Social Media

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Are you a social media marketer? Do your tweets and Facebook posts see a lot of reach throughout the day? What time of the day do you send out your posts? Do you post important or interesting content on the weekends as much as you do during the week? These are questions that many marketers need to ask & posting your content every day is an important task. Reaching your audience can be easy when you have engaging or interesting content. Other days your posts might not get any love. Perhaps, it’s because you are posting your social media content at the wrong time of day.

So when are the best and worst times to post on your social networks? We can tell you this, timing is everything. “Having the right right content is great, but knowing the time of day when people are the most receptive to posts is invaluable for companies that need to run efficient campaigns,” states Dane Atkinson of SumAll. Recently, SumAll evaluated extensive amounts of customer data, to help decide what the best times are to send out your posts to multiple and various platforms. The platforms include the following: Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest & Google. A ‘best time’ metric was used for each of these social media platforms, and responses were measured by millions of different posts, in a wide variety of companies in numerous industry verticals.

Typically, these are the best times of the day to post your social media content:

    • Twitter: 1-3pm
    • Facebook: 1-4pm
    • Tumblr: 7-10pm
    • Instagram: 5-6pm
    • Pinterest: 8-11pm
    • Google+: 9-11am


Typically, these are the worst times to post on social media:

      • Twitter: 8pm-8am
      • Facebook: 12-8am
      • LinkedIn: 9am-5pm
      • Instagram: 12-8am
      • Tumblr: 12am-12pm
      • Pinterest: 1-7am & 5-7pm
      • Google+: 6pm-8am


Twitter: Retweets and Tweets see the most interaction during the day. During the evening, the news feed slows down, and people are busy doing other things, or sleeping.
Facebook: Typically Facebook sees the most reach during the afternoon, when the day is beginning to slow down and they have more time to spend on this platform.
Tumblr: This platform consists of reading micro-blogs, therefore, it takes a bit more time and thought to engage in these posts. Mornings don’t see a lot of reach because people are concentrating more on their work day.
Pinterest: Most people like to use this platform in the evenings and on weekends.

“A common trend with the optimal times is you want to catch people during their downtime,” says Atkinson. “You might need to get them early in the morning during their commute or ‘settling in’ time at work, during lunch or in the evenings.”

If you are just starting out with your social media campaign, these tips might help you reach your audience in a great way. Experimenting with your own timing rhythms is completely up to you, however, we suggest trying these “post smarter times” in the next few weeks, to help measure your success.

Happy Posting!

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