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Burlington Mattress

A local mattress store in Burlington, Vermont.

The child company of our client Burlington Furniture, Burlington Mattress aims to provide customers with quality mattresses that cater to all types of sleepers, all while consistently giving back to the local community.

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Burlington Mattress homepage on laptop

Project Details

    • WordPress
    • WooCommerce
    • Product Filter Live Search Plugin
    • WooCommerce Product, Filter, & View Plugins
    • Quiz Cat Plugin
    • OptinMonster Plugin
    • Modern Tribes Event Calendar Plugin
    • Improved user experience including more predictable navigation, search suggestions as you type, and easier to review “shop” pages to see available inventory
    • Customizable WooCommerce wishlists for customers
    • Google Ads now account for a strong share of sessions, users, and leads
Phone displaying the homepage of Burlington Mattress

Google Ads Management

Burlington Mattress first started working with us on Google Ads management in April 2021. Prior to this, we’d been working with Burlington Mattress’ parent company, Burlington Furniture, since 2016. To start, we created two Google Search campaigns: one to target brand name searches, and another targeting general searches for mattresses and beds locally. Soon after, Burlington Mattress signed on for a similar arrangement to Burlington Furniture: a custom mix of Facebook advertising, SEO, social media management, and email marketing.

Since launch, we’ve tested different types of Google Ads campaigns, including Performance Max, as well as continued to promote Burlington Mattress’ various products and sales. As a result of our management, Google Ads now drives a significant portion of Burlington Mattress’ website traffic and users, and is responsible for the majority of goal completions on their website.

Burlington Mattress’ Google Ads Campaigns Account For

of Total Site Sessions

of Total Site Users

of Total New Site Users

of Goal Completions

Website Design

The Challenge

Around the same time we started doing digital marketing for Burlington Mattress, they also approached us about a website redesign. The main goal of this new website was to help a user better understand the breadth of products offered by Burlington Mattress and provide a friendly, guided, and personable browsing experience that is akin to being present in the showroom speaking to a designer.

Our target users for this project were wellness-focused locals who lived within a day’s drive of Burlington, and who desire a more personal touch when it comes to making larger purchases. All in all, these users would need to leave the new website with a full understanding of Burlington Mattress’ product offerings, feel compelled to visit Burlington Mattress in person, and be ready to make an informed purchase decision.

Our Approach

To fulfill these needs, we built Burlington Mattress a new WordPress website using a custom theme and page templates. We also used WooCommerce to provide structure to the product data and create an online shopping experience that would result in an inquiry to Burlington Mattress with the goal of producing an offline sale. To help users easily find the right product, we provide live search results as a user types, offer advanced product filters on the shop page, and show related product recommendations on the product details page.

Customers also now have the ability to create and manage WooCommerce Wishlists on the new site, allowing them to easily keep track of their favorite products and to email Burlington Mattress their items to see what’s available in the store. Fresh from both a design and functionality standpoint, this new website provides a better user experience and aligns well with the branding of its parent company.

Homepage Layout & Design

Provides an easy breakdown of products and current promotions, and pulls users deeper into the site.

  • Mega Menu
  • Pre-Filtered Product Buttons
  • Current Specials Section
  • Company Values Highlight

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