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HearthStone Stoves

A stove manufacturer and leader in wood-burning technology based in Morrisville, Vermont.

HearthStone Stoves manufactures interior wood and gas stoves, outdoor cookstoves, fire pits, cookware, and more. Committed to providing heating solutions which are renewable, carbon neutral and clean, all of HearthStone’s wood stoves exceed even the strictest EPA guidelines for low emission combustible technology.

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HearthStone Stoves homepage on laptop

Project Details

    • WordPress
    • Gravity Forms Plugin
    • Google Translate
    • Google Analytics
    • Focus on a contemporary and cutting-edge website design
    • Dealer locator which identifies product lines different dealers carry
    • Large increases in sessions, users, and conversions as a result of Google Ads management
HearthStone Stoves dealer locator page on iPad. iPad is being held by two hands.

Google Ads Management

Our relationship with HearthStone Stoves began back at the start of 2020, when they first came to us for Google Ads management. Since the majority of HearthStone Stoves’ products are sold by third-party dealers rather than through their website, our primary goal with Google Ads was to increase brand awareness and reach potential customers during their research phase. To start, we created multiple Google Search campaigns centered around HearthStone Stoves’ core stove types: gas, modern, cooking, and wood. However, HearthStone Stoves’ old content management system (CMS) was unable to support tracking for our digital marketing efforts, ultimately making it difficult to accurately measure results.

This combined with their desire for a refresh ultimately led to a redesign project. After the new website’s launch, we were able to easily implement tracking and gather conversion data for form submissions and phone calls. With more accurate reporting, our Google Ads strategy evolved over time. In the fall of 2021, we began testing a combination of Google Display remarketing and Google Search campaigns to reach customers deeper in the sales funnel. A year later, this strategy had developed yet again to include both branded and product specific Google Search campaigns, generating large increases in sessions, users, and conversions attributed to Google Ads.

HearthStone Stoves’ Google Ads Improvements

Increase in Site Sessions

Increase in Site Users

Increase in New Site Users

Increase in Goal Conversion Rate

Increase in Conversion Rate

Decrease in Cost Per Conversion

Website Design

The Challenge

After starting with Google Ads, we quickly realized that we were unable to implement tracking on HearthStone Stoves’ old CMS, Moonfruit – the final straw in the decision for a full website redesign. In addition to having the necessary tracking abilities for digital marketing, the team at HearthStone Stoves also wanted their new website to have a contemporary and cutting-edge design and a revamped Dealer Locator functionality. All in all, the goal was to create a website with an updated design that acted as a brochure for HearthStone Stoves’ products to work in tandem with their digital marketing efforts.

Our Approach

In response to these desires, we built HearthStone Stoves a new WordPress website with a clean, contemporary design that provides a more streamlined lead generation process. When customers land on the new site, their product discovery journey is simplified via clear call to actions, product features, and prominent contact forms, including a dealer locator for customers to effortlessly find local vendors who carry HearthStone Stoves’ products. We also ensured that the new site would be eCommerce compatible if the HearthStone Stoves team chose to add that functionality in the future.

Homepage Layout & Design

Acts as an engaging “brochure” of HearthStone Stoves’ products and provides users with clear conversion points.

  • Clear Calls-to-Action
  • Brand Story Highlight
  • Featured Products Section
  • Prominent Contact Forms

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