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Cody Mix: The Young Professionals of Franklin County Interview Our In-House Graphic Designer

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What a pleasant surprise it was to scroll through the Burlington Bytes Facebook news feed earlier this week, looking for interesting stories to share, when I noticed that one of my co-workers, Cody Mix was featured in a blog written by The Young Professionals of Franklin County. I shouted out to the office, “Hey, you guys! Cody’s on Facebook, check it out!” That’s when I immediately copied the link to the featured interview and sent out a team email informing my other co-workers that Cody had gotten a special write-up. All of us at the office were so happy to see that Cody’s talents had been recognized (we recognize them all the time, the guy’s a great designer)! It’s not everyday you get to be interviewed by a unique organization like the YP of Franklin County, but it’s also a really great opportunity for Cody as a graphic artist, to tell his story, and share with the community he lives in, his creative journey.

Cody has been working at Burlington Bytes for almost a year now, and so far he’s doing a heck of a job. Cody is a member of our website production team and handles all our graphic design work. He designs everything from logos to posters to full website mock-ups, and works with our clients to make these designs come alive on the web.

One of our favorite questions that Cody got asked by Zach Scheffler was, “What’s a word of advice you’d give to other young fledgling workers? Cody responded with, “Risks can pay off and perseverance means everything. Some people get the world handed to them but most of us have to work at it. You have to work hard and remain steadfast to get what you want. Or win the lotto or something.” We think he summed it up perfectly. Besides me, who else is buying a lottery ticket this weekend?

Interested in reading Cody’s interview? Read it in its entirety here. You can also take a peek at Cody’s personal website, Mix Design Worx to learn more about him.

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