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Introducing Instagram Advertising

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After celebrating just it’s 5th birthday last week, Facebook’s child company Instagram, the photo-sharing application which is responsible for more than 400M Monthly Active Users and 80 Million Photo Uploads Every Day, passed another milestone: making in-app advertising available for all businesses – big and small – in over 200 markets around the world.

Instagram prides itself on maintaining a passionate, global community of highly engaged users who come to the app for visual inspiration and photographic artistry. The app’s design makes uploading, editing and sharing your own photographs, as well as liking, commenting on and engaging with others’ photographs or videos all too easy.

The Instagram advertising platform supports three different formats: Image, Video & Carousel. Each format allows businesses to tell a unique story through a rich, visual medium whilst reaching users at the right place and at the right time. Aimed at driving clicks from the Mobile App to your website or promoting the download of your own mobile app, the new format will be a big win amongst businesses which have a Mobile focus or Mobile strategy in place.

Contact Burlington Bytes by phone at 802-448-4001 or online here for more details or to integrate Instagram Advertising into your existing marketing mix!

Aaron Silber

Aaron Silber

Joining Bytes.co in 2015, Aaron brings over 8 years of experience working on all aspects of the web stack. He joins us after a year on the development team at Brandthropology, a marketing agency in Burlington, Vermont.

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