Emergency Website Support

We offer emergency website support for new clients within reason, we’re happy to help you out of a technical bind. We’ve got a couple rules though. . .we’re not going to do it for free and we’re not going to jump on solving your problem when we’re sitting around our Thanksgiving dinner. Some of our best clients have come to us with a crisis when their web provider was unavailable, unresponsive, or unable to provide a solution. Whether your business is local to Burlington, Vermont or across the country, we’re happy to roll up our sleeves, look under the hood and get you back online.

We offer 24/7 support for existing clients that have requested it in advance, but drop us a line if you have a mission-critical website. We’re happy to set you up and give your our support pager number.

Some "website stuff" we can help you with:
  • Website password or account recovery
  • Website is suddenly displaying error messages, random code, or the dreaded white screen of death.
  • Users are reporting they can't use some aspect of your site such as contact forms or payment processing
  • Website is offline frequently or currently

The “this site may be hacked” flag on a Google search for our website is gone, thanks to the hard work by Bytes to repair the site.

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