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Case STudy

Basis Products

A retailer of U.S. sourced and made stainless steel products for pets and people.

Basis Products, previously Basis Pet, emerged in 2012 when a dog owner in the biotech field sought “the best” items for his dog with chronic allergies, but found only a lack of quality, safety, and information in readily available pet products. Since then, Basis Pet has been making and selling some of the safest pet bowls on the market. Crafted in the U.S. using only the best raw materials, each bowl comes at a fair price and includes detailed product information. Now as Basis Products, it extends its mission to enhance the lives of both pets and people through safe, high quality items and transparency.

Visit their website

The Basis Products website homepage on a laptop

Project Details

    • Shopify
    • Shopify Apps Integration
    • Google Analytics
    • Shopify re-theme built to target WCAG 2.1 Level AA Success Criteria
    • Google Ads now accounts for a strong share of sessions, transactions, and revenue
Woman sitting on her couch and petting her cat while browsing for cat bowls on the Basis Products website

Website Design

The Challenge

Basis Products first approached us about a website redesign while they were still known as Basis Pet. In addition to wanting a design refresh on their Shopify website, Basis Products was looking to expand their audience and introduce new home goods into their product line, meaning that the new website would play a large role in the company’s broader re-branding to Basis Products. This new website was also the perfect opportunity to make Basis Products’ online experience more accessible, making finding a website vendor with expertise in web accessibility a top priority.

Our Approach

To help Basis Products’ launch their official re-brand, we built them a new Shopify website designed to meet WCAG 2.1 Level AA accessibility standards. Leveraging the robust Shopify CMS, we customized a pre-built theme to showcase the updated Basis Products brand. With SEO best practices in mind, we reimagined the site’s architecture and navigation, perfectly accommodating the introduction of new home goods to their pet-centric offerings. To accompany this new people-focus, we ensured that the new site was built with web accessibility best practices to provide an inclusive and user-friendly experience for all who visit.

Screenshot of the new Basis Products website homepage

Homepage Layout & Design

Immediately provides users with a breakdown of product offerings while highlighting their value, competitive advantages, and furry friends!

  • Hero Section with Value Add Statement
  • Featured Product Collections
  • Best Selling Product Callout
  • Origin Story & Testimonials
  • Shoppable Product Bundles

See the Website

Google Ads Management

After a successful website redesign, Basis Products made the leap into the world of Google Ads – perfect timing considering their new website was freshly optimized for conversions. Prior to launching any campaigns, our digital marketing team first helped Basis Products make the switch from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

With the new property and data stream setup, we then updated their product feed and created them a Google Ads account. Since launch, our campaigns have proven quite successful, with the majority of transactions and revenue attributed to our Performance Max campaign. With only a few rounds of optimizations since, our best month saw Google Ads responsible for driving a significant portion of total site traffic, transactions, and revenue.

Basis Products’ Google Ads Campaigns Account For

of Total Site Visitors

of Total Site Sessions

of Total Revenue

of Total Transactions

Hear From Basis Products

Dog eating from a Basis Products stainless steel food bowl

Michael Florucci

After about 10 years in business, I turned to Bytes.co to help with a new e-commerce website as well as some new/expanded pay-per-click marketing campaigns. Both groups (website and marketing) were very easy to work with and knowledgeable in their subject areas. The initial information/guidance provided was helpful and everyone I interacted with was very quick to respond to inquiries along the way. As a small business, it’s important to find reliable and effective outside resources to help fill gaps in internal capabilities. I feel as though I received very good value with both the new website and marketing efforts and would certainly recommend Bytes.co to anyone searching for similar assistance.

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