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An integrated flight scheduling and mission planning mobile app for drone pilots.

AutoPylot is a very unique client of ours, filling a specific niche in the unmanned aerial vehicle industry. At its core, AutoPylot offers a cutting-edge integrated flight scheduling and mission planning mobile application tailored for drone pilots. With an unwavering commitment to efficiency and precision, AutoPylot empowers drone pilots to optimize their workflows like never before – allowing users to access LAANC information, weather forecasts, and airspace advisories. AutoPylot’s remarkable capabilities redefine the landscape of drone piloting, making it the perfect companion for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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The AutoPylot website homepage on a laptop

Project Details

    • WordPress
    • Gravity Forms Plugin
    • Intercom Chat Integration
    • Custom WordPress Website With Scrolling Animations & Transitions

The Challenge

AutoPylot’s primary objective with their new website was to effectively introduce, showcase, and provide information about their core product, the AutoPylot app. Their main target audience is comprised of “Frequent Flyers” in the drone community, which includes licensed drone pilots engaged in inspections, mapping, and video/photo missions across various industries. Therefore, the new website had to mirror the app’s cutting-edge technology and visually captivate its tech-savvy user base, all while acting as a comprehensive digital brochure.

Our Approach

Upon hearing AutoPylot’s list of needs, we immediately knew that the best approach would be a totally unique and custom designed WordPress website. With the new site, users embark on a product journey that is accentuated by effective and tasteful scrolling animations and transitions. Each page highlights the AutoPylot app’s features and functionality, and actively works to promote downloads in both the Apple App Store and Google Play. All in all, the final result is a visually engaging and conversion optimized extension of the AutoPylot brand.

AutoPylot homepage screenshot

Homepage Layout & Design

Takes users on a dynamic and engaging product journey while providing ample opportunities to download the AutoPylot app.

  • Hero Section with CTAs
  • Features List with Animations
  • Detailed Mission Story
  • FAQs

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