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UVM Porter Medical Center

An affiliate of the University of Vermont Health Network, Porter Medical Center, operates a network of primary care and specialty medical practices throughout Addison County, Vermont.

Focusing on keeping their community healthy through primary care, information, and education, Porter Medical Center has offered advanced technology and high-quality, compassionate care since 1925.

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Project Details

    • PHP 7
    • HTML5
    • CSS3
    • Moved their static HTML site into WordPress for ease of use and management for site administrators
    • Implemented and improved content and data structure
    • Cleaned up outdated content and consolidated duplicate pages among different departments 
    • Incorporated new branding and styling changes during the build
porter medical center on laptop on desk

The Challenge

Porter Medical Center’s previous website was a static HTML website that proved difficult for the UVM staff to edit and manage content. In addition, the content on the website became overwhelming and was in need of reorganization.

Our Approach

Bytes.co moved Porter Medical Center’s website onto the WordPress CMS, making managing content much easier. WordPress, the number one CMS on the web, has a large community of support providing Porter Medical Center with the ability to easily scale the site as needed over time. In addition, Bytes.co worked with UVM to consolidate their content and present it in a more digestible way for visitors to read and scroll through.

Homepage Layout & Design

Bytes.co utilized a WordPress pre-built template that was very similar to their pre-existing design. Next, we customized the theme according to UVM’s branding guidelines and cleaned up the content on the homepage to follow modern UX/UI best practices.

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