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Reddit Gifts: We Participated In The 2015 Reddit Gifts For Teachers Exchange

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Did you know that every year teachers spend far too much money out of their own pockets to teach children? Some low income or urban areas schools and their students can’t gain access to proper school supplies due to budget cuts, lack of fundraising, or being impoverished. Having these supplies in the classroom can make a huge difference to both the students and the teachers. This is a major problem and we wanted to help, but how?

Have you heard of Reddit’s Gifts For Teachers Exchange? We recently participated in their 4th annual school supply drive last month and were very excited to donate to this great cause. Giving kids and teachers educational and useful school supplies should be a right, not a privilege.

The Reddit Gifts For Teacher Exchange is a very simple and easy way to get teachers their much needed school supplies when the school year starts. All it takes is these few easy steps:

  1. Sign-up & Get Matched – Reddit’s  computer program will choose who you should send a gift to (this is the most important part; this is about the giving!).
  2. Find the perfect gift & send it – Once you come back here to pick up your match’s information, you’ll have until a specific date to ship your gift. When you ship it, keep a receipt and go to Reddit to tell them you’ve shipped it.
  3. Receive a gift from your match – When you receive a gift, you’ll need to come to Reddit and post an amazing thank you note, hopefully with photos!

We got the great news that we were paired up with Robin Wilson, a high-school biology teacher from Emmett, Idaho. Her classroom is centered on high school biology in a rural low income district. Her classes are designed around inquiry driven activities. The supplies most often needed for these activities include plastic rulers, sharpie markers, pencils, colored printer paper, colored pencils, scissors, calculators & graph paper. She also mentioned that spiral notebooks would be helpful, as some students cannot afford to purchase one. We also sent along a dissection kit, so all her students could benefit from proper tools and learning supplies.

We shipped our package out this week and are eagerly awaiting to see if the classroom has received their package! We look forward to hearing from Robin and her students at Emmett High School. We hope they find the supplies useful throughout the school year.

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