Cat Tremblay

Frontend Developer

Cat is a Frontend Developer specializing in SEO and UX. She comes to Bytes with a background in marketing and design, and her favorite part of the build is innovating the best possible experience for the user. 

After growing up in the Midwest, Cat decided to move abroad in 2019 to Shanghai, China. During her year there, she worked on a children’s’ learning app and it inspired a career change into tech. Her focus since returning has been on building and maintaining client websites in a range of industries, mainly within the WordPress platform, though she considers herself a generalist who loves exploring new skills.

In her free time, you can find Cat rock climbing, running or hiking with friends, traveling, gardening, volunteering, baking and in general attempting way too many hobbies. She currently lives with her dog Shadow in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Fun Facts About Cat

When I was an intern abroad in Ireland, I took the train to a little seaside town called Howth. We rode with a fisherman out to see the puffins, hiked a small mountain, and were followed around by friendly neighborhood dogs. 11/10 would pet again.

I’ve been leading Dungeons & Dragons games for over five years. I’ll write a premise for a story and run the world, which my friends get to interact and mess with as players. It’s always an unexpected, hilarious adventure.

Deep water. I would prefer to see the bottom, thanks very much.

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