Sam Reinhardt

Development Team Lead

Samuel William Reinhardt is a skilled and experienced web developer with a strong background in Magento/Adobe Commerce, WordPress, and accessibility. He has a proven track record of delivering high-quality, user-friendly websites and applications that meet the needs of his clients and users. As a team leader, Samuel is known for his ability to lead and motivate his team members, and to work collaboratively to achieve common goals. He also has certification as an Adobe Commerce Developer, and IAAP WAS certification. In his current role, Samuel continues to push the boundaries of web development and accessibility.

Fun Facts About Sam

Nothing. This sounds like a great way to will your present self out of existence. I don’t need an alternate me that won the lottery taking my place!

Being able to complete household chores with a single thought! Dirty dishes no more.

Recent Projects

As one of our Developers, Sam has his hands on a lot of projects that come through! Here are a few that he’s worked on recently!

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