Bank of Burlington

What we've done

Bank of Burlington is a new leader in the local Vermont financial industry. With only one physical location, Bank of Burlington operates almost entirely online – meaning that their website is the main gateway for clients to access online banking services, news, contact information, and more. Given the heavy emphasis placed on the Bank of Burlington’s online presence, we’re honored to have been trusted with the build of their new website.

Since Bank of Burlington’s website was to be their primary touchpoint for clients, it needed to convey the traditional essence of a bank while also showcasing its modernized, tech-heavy nature. Bank of Burlington’s services and mission would need to be clearly communicated across the site, and its client base of local businesses and community members would also need to be able to easily log in or open a new online banking account. Overall, users would need to leave the site understanding that Bank of Burlington is a leading financial institution that provides modern services to customers while staying true to its roots as a bank built on community values.

Keeping this list in mind, we built Bank of Burlington a new, highly secure WordPress website complete with custom functionalities and integrations. We created the new site with a design that balances a local Vermont vibe with a high-tech, cutting edge feel that reflects the Bank of Burlington brand. Clients can also now easily access their accounts and loan requests on the site through the integration of Bank of Burlington’s online banking platform, Q2. All in all, the final result is a secure, user-friendly website that truly embodies the values and services that make Bank of Burlington unique.

Excellent experience with Their Creative Director, Kristina, was exceptionally good to work with. The level of care, detail, attention, and thoroughness she put into our project was hands down a 10/10. Highly recommend these folks if you're in need of a responsive, highly available, and secure website.
Anthony Wyand, Director of IT
Church Street in Burlington, Vermont

Technologies Used

  • WordPress
  • Q2 Login Embed
  • WPFront Notification Bar Plugin
  • Gravity Forms Plugin
  • Modern Tribe Events Calendar Plugin


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