Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington

What we've done

Established in 1853, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington has a long history of community engagement with a network of churches in Burlington and beyond. They serve as a home base for the Catholic community in Burlington, offering information and programs to help all types of people.

When we took this project on, our goal was to build a website that organized a wide range of information available on multiple web properties into a single, easy-to-use site. We found that by unifying the existing templates, a clear visual association between the different web properties was made, and cross-linking content made it easier for users to access related materials by topic or interest. Tying the blog in with the email newsletter also created a more efficient and effective communication tool for the Diocece. Finally, the new interactive map more clearly shows where Catholic churches and schools can be found in and around Vermont.

Bytes was able to make our vision a reality and create a mobile-friendly, easy to use website that meets the needs of our statewide community. The find a parish/mass time integrated google map was a top priority for our users and exceeds all expectations!
Ellen Kane – Executive Director of Development, Stewardship & Communication
Vermont Catholic Website on desktopVermont Catholic's Old Website on Desktop
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Project Highlights

  • Password protected page for accessing resources
  • Interactive map and directory allowing users to search for churches and mass times
  • Searchable resource library by keyword and tag
  • Easily searchable staff directory by name, dept, and church
  • Creation of an automated email campaign that sends out the most recent blog post to all subscribers
  • Integration of blog with social media


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