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Author: Shea Lincourt

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What is Google Analytics 4?

What is Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? In case you missed it, Google announced that Google Analytics 4 will soon be replacing Universal Analytics. But what is Google Analytics 4, and what does this change mean for your website and existing data? Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is Google’s latest generation of Google Analytics that uses an […]

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What is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)?

What is Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD)? Global Accessibility Awareness Day is an annual event on the third Thursday of May that raises awareness of digital accessibility and inclusion for people with disabilities. The goal of GAAD is to encourage everyone to think about accessibility when they are designing or developing anything new. This includes […]

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What is a Web Accessibility Specialist?

What is a Web Accessibility Specialist and Why Are They Important? As the world increasingly moves online, it is important that everyone has equal access to information and resources. Having a web accessibility specialist on your team helps to ensure that your website is accessible to everyone, regardless of their ability or disability. The main […]

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How to Become Google Guaranteed

What Does Google Guaranteed Mean? You may have heard of the Google Guarantee, or seen the green and white Google Guaranteed badge appear next to the names of service providers in local searches. But what is the Google Guarantee, and what can it do for your business? Google Guaranteed is a program created by Google […]

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How to Grow Organic & Paid Traffic to Your Website

If you’re like most business owners, you want to see your website at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). But what many don’t realize is that it takes time and effort to grow organic and paid traffic to your website. In this article, we’ll discuss how search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine […]

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Securing WordPress: How to Make WordPress Websites Secure

One of our favorite content management systems (CMS) by far is WordPress for its versatility and usability. That being said, a recurring question on many of our clients’ minds is how to make a WordPress website secure, especially in industries that deal with sensitive information on a daily basis. As a result, WordPress website security […]

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2021: Our Year in Review

We’d like to thank all of our clients and our employees for making 2021 one of our best years yet as a web design and digital marketing agency! We appreciate all of your continued support, and look forward to another exciting year of working together. Below are highlights from our web design, website hosting, and digital marketing […]

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How to Protect Your Website from the Apache Log4j Vulnerability

Within the last couple of days, news of the Apache Log4j vulnerability, or CVE-2021-44228, has swept the internet. This vulnerability could have severe repercussions for anyone using Apache Log4j, or using products that contain Apache Log4j. What is the Apache Log4j Vulnerability? Apache Log4j is an open-source logging product present in many Java-based applications used […]