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A New Chapter at 7 Kilburn St. in Burlington, Vermont

The new Bytes.co office on 7 Kilburn Street from a side angle view. The room is open concept and filled with desks and warm wood accents.

Greetings, Bytes.co community! We’re excited to share some big news with you – we’ve recently made a move! Our digital marketing and website design agency has bid farewell to our old stomping grounds at 164 College St., Burlington, Vermont, and we’ve settled into a new, more dynamic space at 7 Kilburn St.

Change is a constant in the fast-paced world of websites and digital marketing, and Bytes.co is no stranger to it. Our recent move symbolizes not just a change in physical location, but also a strategic shift towards a more optimized and efficient work environment.

Optimized for Remote and Hybrid Work

The new Bytes.co office on 7 Kilburn Street. The room is open concept and filled with desks and warm wood accents.

As a company that thrives on innovation, we understand the evolving nature of work. With a significant portion of our team choosing to work remotely or adopting a hybrid schedule, our new space is tailored to meet these needs. The smaller footprint doesn’t compromise efficiency; instead, it’s a testament to our commitment to creating a workspace that adapts to the changing dynamics of the modern work landscape.

Enhancing Collaboration & Company Culture

Although our new home may be smaller, it still packs a punch in terms of functionality and aesthetics. The layout is more collaborative and open, fostering a sense of unity and collaboration amongst team members. We, like many other businesses, have found that the open layout encourages spontaneous interactions and idea exchanges, breaking down physical barriers and enhancing communication among team members. 

This intentional design choice is a catalyst for innovation, allowing us to seamlessly share insights, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate on projects. By promoting a more interconnected workflow, our new office space not only enhances productivity but also reflects the energy and creativity that defines Bytes.co culture.

Innovative Solutions for Employees

Three of Bytes.co's female employees, Sarah, Abby, and Shea standing in a Mamava lactation pod at the new Bytes.co office on 7 Kilburn St. with Mamava team members

With our new work space has come the opportunity for Bytes.co to also expand its benefits for employees, particularly for breastfeeding parents! In recognition of the importance of fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment, we have recently installed a lactation pod in our new office space.

One of our employees recently became a mother, which is what initially prompted us to explore the idea of getting a lactation pod for the new office. Our CEO, Jay Di Vece, recalls when this concept first crossed his path: “My initial reaction to the idea of potentially needing a lactation space was assuming a single use bathroom would suffice. My wife overhead me suggesting that idea, and said ‘Excuse me?! I’ll remember to make your next meal in a bathroom then.’ I was then reminded of her own breastfeeding journey, and how she had to pump in all these awkward places like the supply closet, and the dark corners of the library. She curses her previous employer to this day over it, and there I was about to be that guy. We talk about building an inclusive work environment, and this was an opportunity to put those words into action. So while this new lactation pod primarily benefits one person today, it will be here for the breastfeeding mothers of tomorrow, and can be used as a private phone booth for all the days in between.”

This private and comfortable space is dedicated to our current and future breastfeeding parents, providing a tranquil setting where they can comfortably pump or nurse their little ones. By partnering with Mamava, a fellow Vermont business and the leading provider of lactation pods, we’re aiming to create a workplace that prioritizes the well-being of our employees and supports their work-life balance. This initiative is a testament to our ongoing efforts to ensure that every member of the Bytes.co family feels valued, included, and empowered to balance the demands of work and family life.

Bytes.co’s newest mom said it best: “Having the Mamava pod at our office has removed so much of the anxiety I had with returning to work after my maternity leave. I can go to the office every day with confidence that I’ll have a private, clean, and comfortable place to pump. And that is EVERYTHING.”

Prime Location (With Parking!)

Additionally, being situated right off Pine Street in Burlington is a prime location. We find ourselves surrounded by a number of creative, unique, and delightful businesses. A mere 3-minute walk takes us to Great Harvest, offering our employees delicious lunch options. In the summer, Food Truck Fridays on Pine Street becomes a popular team-building activity for us to enjoy after work. Let’s not forget the Pine Street breweries, such as Zero Gravity, Queen City, Switchback, and Burlington Beer Company just a 20-minute walk away. It’s fair to claim that we’re in an optimal and lively location in Burlington.

Community-Centric Approach

While our physical space has changed, it’s needless to say that our dedication to the Burlington community remains unwavering (though we’re going to say it anyways). Bytes.co has deep roots in Vermont, and our commitment to supporting local businesses and fostering community relationships is as strong as ever. We look forward to continuing our partnerships and contributing to the growth of our vibrant community.


As we settle into our new space at 7 Kilburn St. in Burlington, Vermont, Bytes.co is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. This move represents more than just a change of address; it symbolizes our commitment to adaptability, innovation, and a community-centric approach. We’re eager to continue delivering exceptional digital marketing and website design services from our new home and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us!

Shea Lincourt

Shea Lincourt

Shea has lived in Vermont her entire life. She grew up in southern Vermont and later moved to Burlington to pursue a degree in marketing at the University of Vermont. Upon graduating cum laude, Shea started her marketing career as a digital marketing intern at Bytes.co before becoming our digital marketing analyst.

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