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Bytes.co Wins Third Consecutive Best Places to Work in Vermont Award

The Bytes.co logo and the 2024 Best Places to Work in Vermont logo on top of an image of the Bytes.co team at a Lake Monsters game

We are incredibly proud to announce that we have been recognized as one of 2024’s Best Places to Work in Vermont! Winning this accolade for the third consecutive year is a testament to the dedication of our team and the success of our ongoing efforts to cultivate a culture of excellence and collaboration at Bytes.co.

About the Best Places to Work in Vermont Award

The Best Places to Work in Vermont award is an annual recognition program that honors companies in Vermont for their outstanding workplace culture, employee satisfaction, and overall commitment to creating a positive work environment. Sponsored by Vermont Business Magazine in partnership with the Vermont Chamber of Commerce, this prestigious award showcases organizations that prioritize their employees’ well-being and actively cultivate a supportive and inclusive workplace culture.

To be considered for the award, companies must undergo an evaluation process that includes both employer and employee surveys of their workplace policies, benefits, employee engagement initiatives, and overall workplace satisfaction. Winning companies are selected based on their performance in various categories, including employee benefits, work-life balance, company culture, employee morale, and opportunities for professional growth and development. This award not only recognizes companies for their exceptional workplace practices but also serves as a valuable benchmark for employers striving to create an environment where employees feel valued, motivated, and empowered to succeed.

Three Consecutive Wins for Bytes.co

Winning the Best Places to Work in Vermont Award for the third year in a row is a significant achievement for us. It reflects Bytes.co’s ongoing commitment to creating a workplace culture that is fun, inclusive, and conducive to creativity and collaboration. To celebrate this win, we asked our employees to share why they love working at Bytes.co:

“I love working at Bytes.co because of the genuine care that’s demonstrated to each of the employees. This is evident through initiatives like our monthly wellness stipend and flexible work schedule that prioritize our well-being. Of course, no workplace is perfect, but Bytes.co consistently strives for betterment. From conducting anonymous surveys to establishing the culture committee, Bytes.co actively seeks ways to enhance our company culture and work environment. What sets Bytes.co apart is not just the collection of feedback and ideas but the sincere responsiveness—they truly listen and take action to foster continuous improvement. I am grateful to be a part of this team,” shared Sales Manager Abby Rajotte.

Digital Marketing Specialist Hannah Hook added to this, saying that “Bytes.co offers more than just a job; it’s a community where professional growth is not just encouraged, but celebrated. Surrounded by a dynamic team, I’m constantly inspired to elevate my skills and exceed expectations. Winning an award for my SEO work is just one example of how Bytes.co invests in its employees’ success, making it truly one of the best places to work in Vermont.”

Bytes.co: A Culture of Collaboration & Camaraderie

Winning the Best Places to Work in Vermont award for the third consecutive year reaffirms our commitment to prioritizing our employees’ well-being and fostering a workplace culture where creativity flourishes, innovation thrives, and success is celebrated together. As we continue on our journey, we remain dedicated to maintaining this culture of collaboration and camaraderie, knowing that it is not only essential for our team’s happiness and fulfillment but also instrumental in delivering exceptional results for our clients. Thank you to all our employees for their hard work and dedication, and here’s to many more years of success and growth together at Bytes.co!

Shea Lincourt

Shea Lincourt

Shea has lived in Vermont her entire life. She grew up in southern Vermont and later moved to Burlington to pursue a degree in marketing at the University of Vermont. Upon graduating cum laude, Shea started her marketing career as a digital marketing intern at Bytes.co before becoming our digital marketing analyst.

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