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We’re always coming up with new ideas, sometimes an idea is so good (or ridiculous) that we put our heads down and bring it to life.  Bytes Labs is where we write about the products and pieces of technology that we’re working on.

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Burlington Bytes Builds Blockade

What has our Burlington Bytes development team been up to these days? They’ve recently released a visual page builder that assists with your WordPress formatting needs. We’re proud to introduce you to Blockade, a plugin that let’s you take control of your WordPress content. Blockade doesn’t replace the current WordPress visual editor TinyMCE. Instead it […]

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How Does Burlington Bytes Track Time?

Like many web development and design firms, Burlington Bytes lives and dies by time tracking.  We need accurate billable numbers to provide clients, as well as detailed breakdowns for accountability and internal data-analysis.  The problem is, time tracking can easily become a complex beast that takes more time to manage than it actually tracks.  So, […]