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From Print to Digital: Advertising in 2014

We’ve managed Over $1 million in digital advertising spend for our clients!

We’ve been managing our clients’ digital advertising campaigns since the end of 2011, and in that time both our company and the industry have grown significantly. Successful advertising is moving away from print, radio, and television, and moving towards digital. In the past three years, we’ve reached over $1 million on digital advertising, generating over 13,000 trackable leads for our customers (the actual number is much more).

So, what is digital advertising and why is it so successful? The digital advertising that we manage for our clients consists of two main components – Google Adwords and Facebook.

Google Adwords helps bring visitors to your website and in contact by:

  • Display Ads: Allows you to target specific demographics and websites to show banner ads to your target audience.
  • Re-Marketing: If a visitor comes to your website and leaves, you can show them display ads to bring them back and generate a lead/sale.
  • Pay-Per-Click: Paying to put your site at the top of search results and paying per clicks.
Pay-Per-Click Advertising
Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Facebook also allows for display ads, with the added feature of using their wealth of information on their users. We can target a very specific group of people with your company’s message on Facebook. The other type of advertising on Facebook is post boosting. If you’re running a sale, having an event, or want to get the word out to a large group of people, paying to promote your post (while also being able to target a specific group of people) gets great results.

One of our clients (Mike from Green Mountain Basement Solutions) has seen great success since we’ve been running his digital advertising campaign. He says,

“I used to stumble upon people who had work done and they would see me at a gas station or they would see our truck and they would say ‘geez, I just had some work done on my house, where are you located? So there was a constant questioning from people because they couldn’t find us on the Internet at all. You’re talking tens of thousands of dollars to fix a basement – it means something that they’re able to find us and now we’re the first, second, or third on that search. We truly believe our company is better than other companies, but if people can’t find us than we can’t get the chance to show them why we’re better or what we do. After two times of investing thousands of dollars, prior to finding Burlington Bytes, we didn’t have a presence at all. It’s made a huge difference –  It’s made a difference of our phone not ringing to ringing. There is a lot of consistency in our business now.”

The experts agree. A study from Magna Global found that digital media advertising revenue grew 17% in 2013 to $43 billion and is set to surpass total television advertising revenue by 2018. (adweek.com) It makes sense – More and more people are not only on the internet and using computers, but are also browsing and using Social Media everywhere they go on their mobile devices.

We’ve expanded to keep up with the rapidly growing and changing market of digital advertising. In the fall of 2013, we hired Topher Liddle as our Director of Advertising and have seen a significant rise in both ad spend and leads for our customers. We work with advertising budgets of any size and are happy to help your business grow through successful digital advertising.

To learn more about our advertising programs, please contact us.

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