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Use Google Callout Extensions to Maximize Leads

Google Callout Extensions

Google ad extensions is a powerful tool that keeps getting better.

This week Google AdWords Callout Extensions have been launched, allowing advertisers to show “additional text with search ads that provide detailed information about your business, including products and services you offer.” The callouts will be located in ads running at the top and bottom of the search results page.

Here is one example of how they could look:

Google Callout Extensions

Callout extensions are added and edited in the ad extensions tab at the campaign or ad group level. To be eligible to run these extensions, you must create at least two (and up to four) callouts per campaign or ad group. Google will look at the order of callouts, their length, and how they perform when deciding how many callouts appear and when they show.

Using Callout Extensions:

There are a number of features that will help your ads take full advantage of the new callout extension rollout. Callout scheduling allows you to decide when certain callouts show. This can be helpful if you run promotions certain times of the day, such as a dinner special at a restaurant or time sensitive sale at a retail store. To schedule callouts, go into the ad extension tab and click the callout extension link in the drop-down menu. Click the pencil icon next to the callout you want to schedule and then the “start/end dates, scheduling” link.

Another great feature is combining site link extensions with callout extensions to provide more context to your ad. As with everything else, Google rewards advertisers for relevancy. Providing callouts that provide context to site links or relate to desired actions will be favored. Other tips include keeping text short (12-15 characters per callout is recommended), being as specific as possible, capitalizing sparingly, and optimizing for mobile devices.

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Jason DiVece

Jason DiVece

Jason moved to Burlington, VT in 2003 to attend Champlain College where he received his BS in Graphic Design. Not quite the coast of Maine, but Lake Champlain is pretty sweet! He first met Peter Jewett while fulfilling an internship requirement at Pete’s fledgling eBay store, and the two later worked together as SEO Analysts for Dealer.com.

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