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SESNY Day 1, Keynote Panel

Keynote Panel – Search Marketing: Analyze This

onlinemrkting: SEO is also optimizing for the users who search & not only for search engines who index your site, great quote heard at #SESNY

clearsearch: RT @katemats: “Even if you have prominent position on organic, buying paid search will help with total click through and conversion.” #sesny

paulbaranda: Brad Hill of Weblogs, AOL says SEO has changed into a behavioral issue, influences by facebook and digg, increasing virality #sesny

glenngabe: Debate going on about shifts in power. Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Search vs. Social #sesny

paulbenjou: SEO becoming a behavioral issue about community and personal networks. #sesny

glenngabe: SEO is now search -everything- optimization. Good point. Social, video, images, blogs, etc. #sesny Erika again. Smart comment. #sesny

glenngabe: Talking about mobile marketing and the ways it can work (at the point of purchase). It can take off if it delivers. #sesny #privacy

agnete: Mobile advertising will be huge when it can hit you directly in the point of purchase: “Footstep marketing” (Erika Brown at #sesny )

rpmkel: Erica Brown you don’t own a cell phone, you own a tracking device #SESNY

FlightpathNY: The future of digital marketing is in mobile but no one has cracked the code on doing it right #sesny

glenngabe: Nothing is more powerful than WOM. That’s where social is extremely important. #sesny

krissymiller: Mobile search is very different from online paid search – touched on keywords but I think it is more about customer intent #sesny

Peter Jewett

Peter Jewett

Peter handles the majority of Bytes.co sales and business development and many of the day-to-day activities required to keep a business moving forward. He lives in Huntington with his wife, Katie, and two kids, Parker and Calla. He’s also got a dog and chickens and a Kubota tractor.

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