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SESNY Day 1, Session 1

How To Become a Link Magnet, Search: Where to Next, Introduction to Analytics, Digital Asset Management, Introduction to Search Engine Marketing

glenngabe: Building blocks for link magnetism: build a personal brand. Understand why you want links. rankings, clients, recognition, etc. #sesny

state_ofsearch: Many of us are optimizing for the textual web, but it’s a more interactive web. #sesny

IETraining: Pick a unique social media handle to make ur brand unique #sesny

adcenter: Stefan up now talking about a “Web of Objects” – real-time firehoses, services, devices & multimedia #sesny

aimclear: @randfish, most folks who bitch about “personal branding,” suck at personal branding, it’s like saying having money sucks #SESNY

beebow: “All things Google is probably not good for us. Remember, Google is a business.” #SESNY – Mark Knowles

adcenter: Web results haven’t fundamentally changed in 8 years. Our vision in search is about delivering knowledge. #SESNY

AnneKennedy: #sesny Stefan Wietz: how many other 8-year-old technologies are you still happy with?

paulbenjou: Brand yourself. Example: zapposceo. #sesny #sesny4

IETraining: People link to personalities in social media. #sesny

state_ofsearch: The intent should drive the user experience #sesny

glenngabe: What’s your blog personality? helpful, informative expert (know your stuff , though), controversial, etc. #sesny

paulbenjou: Link magnet Take an opposing view on a popular topic. #sesny #sesny4

state_ofsearch: #sesny Yahoo has 3 areas of focus: 1. Find things faster 2. Explore what matters 3. Get things done

melcarson: Bloggers at #SESNY use Windows Live Writer desktop app http://bit.ly/9H5TiP (expand> ) Makes my life so much easier!

MerryMorud: Favorite KPIs: Bounce Rate, Conversion R, Avg time on site, task completion R, Share of Search, Profit/visitor #sesny #analytics -J Marshall

glenngabe: Linkbait = content built to attract links LInk Magnets = rewards the linker (creates an incentive) #sesny

state_ofsearch: Yahoo has brought richer interaction on SERP. You don’t leave the search page if you click a map. It changes the map. #sesny

glenngabe: There’s been a shift in linkbuilding over the past few years. But, people still link when it benefits them. #sesny @randfish

glenngabe: Rand giving an ex: of Yelp. The badge links back to Yelp in several key areas….w/great anchor text. Earned them thousands of links #sesny

beebow: SORT yoru site’s inventory 4 ways: commercial value, editorial value, entertianment value & added value. -Josh Cobb #SESNY

basvandenbeld: “You won’t win it with a single website anymore, you just won’t” #sesny

perfectmarket: Interesting. First at #smx and now #sesny, @randfish keeps circling this idea of rewarding linkers with badges, a la @foursquare.

glenngabe: Content that rewards: You need an emotional & obvious hook. i.e. Sharing your twitter profile (or linkedin profile) #sesny You want to link!

krissymiller: “The more meta content the better” for optimizing digital assets – Josh Cobb, yahoo #sesny

glenngabe: When you create content that rewards, you control the anchor text. @randfish #sesny

paulbenjou: Replace copy paste with clickable JavaScript to increase linkage by 100 persent plus. #sesny #sesny4

glenngabe: Examples of great link magnets: Vimeo, great player, exc embed code, and they get 3 links back for each embed. #sesny

pisocialmedia: #sesny search will include tweets video social content and maybe your website … You need to use multichannel approach

state_ofsearch: #sesny Now about personalized search. Yahoo tries that with searchmonkey which you can turn on and of f

katemats: For any digital asset strategy make sure you set it up to measure and track your results #sesny

dweingrod: as search becomes more personalized the era of the ranking report is dead – hallelujah !! #sesny

beebow: “If something can be searched on, it can be optimized. Period.” -@leeodden #SESNY

state_ofsearch: Now privcay concerns: more than a year ago. People are sharing way more than they should #sesny

state_ofsearch: Bing shows your history on the left which you can remove immediately #sesny

krissymiller: Keyword research – do traditional and social research on your keywords. #sesny

Topheratl: “Web developers have the right mindset to get and work with segmentation in analitics beter then most people do” #SESNY

Topheratl: There is no good free tool that can track our Social Media KPI #sesny

adcenter: Search isn’t just about SEO now. It’s also about social. #BTabke #sesny

FlightpathNY: Where blogs used to get links from their readers, they now get tweets #sesny

pisocialmedia: #sesny 70% of retweets contain urls …future of search

seoidiot: Firefox + WASP to see what a competitors site is tracking #sesny #analytics

glenngabe: Great point & I agree. @randfish, don’t be surprised if Twitter, FB, etc. data is part of the Search algo 6-12 months from now. #sesny

Peter Jewett

Peter Jewett

Peter handles the majority of Bytes.co sales and business development and many of the day-to-day activities required to keep a business moving forward. He lives in Huntington with his wife, Katie, and two kids, Parker and Calla. He’s also got a dog and chickens and a Kubota tractor.

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