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#SESNYC Keynote Tweetroll

The best tweets, in my opinion, from the keynote at SES NYC.  Enjoy Stay tuned for more.


MerryMorud: Brands- you don’t need to tell EVERYBODY (& their moms) about new products/services just tell the few RIGHT people. -@dmscott #sesny

leeodden: #SESNY Audience poll: have you responded to direct mail? 0-5% Phone book 3-5% Google 100% Social Network 85% @dmscott

state_ofsearch: He now talks about a dentist in Boston who advertised in the yellow pages and was looking for a better way #sesny

state_ofsearch: she started a blog “healthy mouth, healthy sex”. She then made an e-book and became an instant success #sesny

glenngabe: Her ebook was free so people could share. no registration required. now blog ranks organically for a # of keywords. biz increased #sesny

state_ofsearch: You must unlearn what you have learned #sesny

sagerock: Dmscott #sesny “Every hotel web site is built exactly the same because it is built around the product. Build around buyer personas.”

pisocialmedia: #sesny bio personas are profile of your potential clients and help you target better

sagerock: Dmscott #sesny “Stop talking about the product. Talk about the people who are buying the product.”

sagerock: Dmscott #sesny On getting attention: buy it, beg for it, bug people, OR Earn it.

mConduit: Travel site should start with the purpose of the trip & not with the product (flight, hotel, car) according to @dmscott at #SESNY

beebow: “Nobody cares about your products except for you… ppl care about themselves… they care deeply about solving problems.” @dmscott #SESNY

AnnaMariaVirzi: overused words in press releases: innovate, pleased to, unique, focused on, leading provider, commitment, partnership @dmscott #sesny

beebow: cramming your site w/ iStock-esque corporate models don’t represent you – it’s an insult to your clients & employees #SESNY @dmscott

MerryMorud: back button 3rd most used feature #sesny

MerryMorud: if you want people to spread ideas: LOSE CONTROL! User Generated Content is a gold mine #sesny

state_ofsearch: #sesny Grateful dead lets people record at concerts and spread the word. They became the most popular touring band with it

state_ofsearch: In the old world everybody was putting up brakes. Don’t do that. No required email adresses etc. #sesny

adcenter: Reach – the collective audience of all the bloggers at SXSW was bigger than the readership of any daily newspaper in the US #sesny

paulbenjou: Fear. 25 percent of companies block access to social media. #sesny

HarryJGold: We want 330k people in the public affairs dept. Airforce quote. #sesny


Peter Jewett

Peter Jewett

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