Kimball Physics

What we've done

An existing client of ours, Kimball Physics had been running their e-commerce site on Magento 1 for years. Knowing an upgrade to Magento 2 was inevitable, they decided to not only make the switch but leverage the opportunity to provide an enhanced user experience for their customers. Let’s just say working with physicists has its own set of perks: meticulous naming conventions, organized spreadsheets, established workflow—efforts we are thoroughly grateful for here. This made the process of migrating their site from Magento 1 to Magento 2 fairly seamless, leaving plenty of room for us to add those feature enhancements they wanted for their users.

A product grid filterable by technical specifications for different product groups was just one of the new features we put into place.  A brand new resource library allows users to search for technical documentation by product, document type, and keyword. These resources also display neatly within the product page as well, giving users multiple channels to access the same information. And say goodbye to bulky comparison tables. The new website offers users the ability to add products to a comparison chart so they can view the specifications for only their selected products side-by-side.

The project was well organized from the beginning, and continued to be throughout the project right up to our targeted go-live date.
Abigail LePage – General Manager
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Project Highlights

  • Magento 1 to Magento 2 site upgrade
  • Custom inventory management and sync with client's database
  • A customized searchable resource library
  • Bulk product import for simples and configurables
  • Integrating with a WordPress blog


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