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UVM Medical Center

What we've done

Our partnership with University of Vermont Medical Center started back in 2013 when we worked with them to build a new blog for publishing healthcare articles, tips, news, and research. The success garnered by this project helped establish a long lasting relationship that has transformed their online presence over the years.

Google Adwords & Analytics

Our team works closely with the digital marketing team at the University of Vermont Medical Center to develop AdWords campaigns that generate new patients for specific departments within the hospital. We manage the day-to-day operations of all the hospital’s search engine advertising through a variety of channels such as search ads, display ads on the Google Display Network, and YouTube video ads. Goal tracking and customized Dashboards set up by us in Google Analytics provide visibility into the success of these campaigns by capturing and reporting on conversions for phone calls, contact form submissions, doctor searches, directions page visits, and more.

Facebook Ads

In addition to Google Adwords, we also coordinate UVM Medical Center’s Facebook advertising efforts, managing image ads, carousel ads and video ads placements. We focus on demographic-based audiences, interest-based audiences, page-based audiences, and lookalike audiences to introduce new patients to departments with open capacity and to drive on-site goal conversions.

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Results Highlight

16.82% Goal Conversion Rate for Google Adwords in 2017

Average industry rate is 2.35%; top 25% of websites are converting at 5.31% or higher


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