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Author: Abby Rajotte

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6 Google Ads Best Practices for Search Campaigns

Our team of Google Ads experts has a combined 30+ years of experience working in the Google Ads platform. As professionals in the space, we’ve discovered countless tips and tricks to make our clients’ ads successful. As a result, we’ve identified six Google Ads best practices that will help produce positive results from your search campaigns. […]

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Why Your Website Needs Two-Factor Authentication

What Is Two-Factor Authentication? Two-factor authentication (2FA) encompasses an additional step to a login process, verifying your identity. This extra layer of security decreases the likelihood of a hacker accessing the data in your website. Instead of just needing a username and password, the hacker will need more information to access your account when using […]

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Kristina Drobny Presents: Small Adjustments… Big Impact’s very own Creative Director, Kristina Drobny, held a seminar on Monday, January 25 for the Vermont Association of Wedding Professionals (VAWP). One of the groups hit hard by the recent pandemic has been the Vermont wedding industry. We wanted to offer up some ideas on how to make small, but meaningful changes to a […]

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2020… what a roller coaster of a year. Looking back a year ago today, we never could have predicted what lied ahead of us. While this year will likely always be remembered for its many, many lows, upon wrapping up the year, we’d like to focus on some of the highs. First off, we made […]

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Every year we do a company photo with a different theme. We usually try to set a fun and outlandish tone, but 2020 required us to switch things up a bit. With this year’s photo, we wanted to capture a snapshot of our abrupt transition to working remote, and show that we’re still having fun […]