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Green Mountain Basement Solutions

What we've done

Green Mountain Basement Solutions is one of our favorite Bytes success stories. They needed a website so they could rank for keywords relevant to their industry. Within a few months they saw a major uptick in leads from their site—people simply getting to their site and picking up the phone to call. 

Every year we make a plan to do a few website enhancements for them, adding another project here or there, but Mike is far too busy fielding phone calls of clients needing his services. A good problem to have!

To keep those phones ringing, we have campaigns built out that contain ads highlighting each of their main service lines. We also run a display re-marketing campaign to specifically target customers that have previously visited their website. Every month we optimize their PPC campaigns by A/B testing different calls to action within the ads to see which ones are most effective, and by filtering out unrelated search terms. 

In addition to those ad placements, we have Green Mountain Basement Solutions online presence covered; search for “wet basement vermont” and they are top of the organic search results.

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Now owns an average search impression share of 93.26%


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